Congressional School Podcast

Behind the Design Labs

January 16, 2020 Congressional School Season 1 Episode 1
Congressional School Podcast
Behind the Design Labs
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We are happy to share with our community our first podcast. This episode is hosted by Dr. Edwin Gordon, Head of School, and discusses STEM and the Arts at Congressional. Listen to Dr. Gordon lead an engaging discussion with several of our faculty who reveal their own views of our new Design Labs, how they integrate STEM in ways you may not expect, and their visions for the future.

Hosted By:
Dr. Edwin Gordon
, Head of School

Guest Experts:

  • Carlos Hernandez, STEM Educator
  • Maithili Mankar, Grades 6 and 8 Science Teacher
  • Dr. Mariana Pavon, Grades 5 and 7 Science Teacher
  • Ashley Spalletta, Grades 4-8 Music Teacher
  • Andrea Weiss, Director of Innovation and Learning
Intro with Dr. Gordon