Congressional School Podcast

Study Strategies for Success

March 26, 2020 Congressional School Season 1 Episode 4
Congressional School Podcast
Study Strategies for Success
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Having a difficult time guiding your child to engage with educational material at home? There are strategies out there to help you, and our experts are here to help. 

Our learning specialists discuss homework and study tips from the perspective of how learning happens—strategies that can also help with remote learning. What does cognitive, emotional, and behavioral learning look like? How can it be encouraged at a deeper level? Join us to find out!

Hosted By:
Stefanie Hjalmervik
, Learning Specialist

Guest Expert:

  • Dr. Silvia Moore, Director of Learning Center
Intro with Stefanie Hjalmervik
Thoughts About Homework
How Learning Happens
Cognitive Engagement
Behavioral Engagement and Routines
Staying Positive
Allowing Students to Correct Themselves
Strategies that Work
A Little Mind Break (Demonstrating an Important Technique in Studying)